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the playground
train tracks
ugly house - or how a place holds a feeling


a life goes by
a microcosm of society
Christmas at the old house
dandelions for a passing stranger
having company over
how to cry

[in French] [in German] [in Italian] [in Portuguese] [in Spanish]

park bench

[in French] [in German] [in Italian] [in Portuguese] [in Spanish]
salesman [translated from Spanish, back to English]

the apartment

1991 Essays:

do you know you are not dreaming right now?
exploring power
Is The Doctrine Of Double Effect Plausible?
Kafka’s Metamorphosis and the Social Implications for the Handicapped
kids can be cruel - the effect of peers on one’s full potential
medicine and women
modern-day footbindings and the oppression of women
Moral Justification of Family Punishment
the purpose of the state through the nature of political consent
victim blaming
ways women hurt themselves to make themselves beautiful
What You Ought To Do Versus What You Have To Do
women struggle with this every day


a letter
chain smoking

[in French] [in German] [in Italian] [in Portuguese] [in Spanish]

doctor - in German

done this before

driving by his house
[in French] [in German] [in Italian] [in Portuguese] [in Spanish]

having children one day
how a woman falls in love
seven miles
why i’d marry you

1992 Essays:



dreams turned into nightmares
Growing Up Female
how you looked then
private lives three


article: Brushes with Fame: Meeting The London Suede and Oasis
article: First in Show: Karen Finley - A Certain Level of Denial

leaving for work
letter on religion

tell me
[in French] [in German] [in Italian] [in Portuguese] [in Spanish]


a dream about murder
the book Autumn Reason
phone calls from Brian Tolle
top of the mountain


Life, Liberty and Blocks of Cheese
Working in your Spare Time


a Dream About Murder.
[ a Dream About Murder in French ]
[ a Dream About Murder in German ]

a(fe)male behind bars

brushes with greatness
brushes with greatness [in French] [in German]

how are you
i remember
in the projects
letter to a troubled friend
letters from war time
paint a suicide picture
prom ‘97 - or doing things right
seeing things differently
stalker - the final pages of fear
the twin within
type “a” person

1997 Essays:

a letter to our political leaders
balancing the budget
boomers beware - Who Pays the Price for Taxing the Rich?
capital gains - or losses?
Child Molesters and the Government: Big Brother is Watching
children pilots
christian coalition
Diversity, Political Correctness, and Creativity
d.n.a. versus emotion
Do People Want Justice, or Just a Good Hanging?
get the government out of broadcasting
Government Inefficiency
Let the Government Tell You When You’re Ready?
Modern Day Footbindings and the Oppression of Women
sexism in general
the illness of volunteerism
the wrath of valentine’s day
welcome to corporate america
what are flexible ethics?
Women Without Men


driving to champaign


the book Changing Gears
prose and letters that were written in 1997 and 1998, published in book form in 1999 and 2004.

1999 Essays:

keep my sanity
when credibility doesn’t matter
Veggies of the World Unite


Examine The Files
King of the Universe
“the Robot Zombie Witch Girl” revisited


NASA Project
The Effects of Nine One One

the epic novel The Key To Believing


the Book of Helena
Death Comes in Threes

the collection The Other Side, about travel through eight European countries during the war on terror (May 2003)


magazine editorials:
About the Aurora Borealis
The Assumption of Health-Care
Beauty First
Did We Vote Our Rights Away?
The Freedom Pendulum Swings Around the Globe
The Liberal Media
I Pledge of ... What Do we Pledge our Allegiance to?
Presidential Problems
Swallowing Where Meat Comes From
Trials and Tribulations with Morals - a vegetarian editorial
Understanding the World of Prejudice
We’re in a War: Is This World War III? Or Are We In a Holy War?
Which War Will We Be?

10/05/04 performance art reading:
Questions in a World Without Answers (the political debate)


prose form the 02/15/05 show “How Do I Get There?”:
Following... or Killing
Generic Images of Love
Generic Stereotypes About Love
Hatred, When Love Should be Good
Love for the Stars, for What’s Out of Reach
Macintosh Court
On My Own/Successful Woman
the Job Interview
The Moon and Astronomy (How Do I Get to the Moon)

magazine editorials:
By Reason if Insanity
Cindy Sheehan’s 16th Minute of Fame
(Terri Schiavo) Deciding our Life and Death
Drugging Ourselves into a Stupor
Let’s Decide Who To Kill
Letting Free Speech Slide
Natural and Human Disasters: Katrina and 9/11
Sexism in a Nutshell
Video Games, Violence, Porn & Death
When Does Life Begin?
Writing Doesn’t Halt Violence: Stanley “Tookie” Williams

prose from the book Duality:
Long After 9/11
the New Orleans Four One One

prose adapted from classic poetry:
A Child in the Park, 2005
A Retired Policemen Talks About the Suicides He’s Seen, 2005
An Outline to the Apex of Rites of Passage, 2005
Andrew Hettinger, 2005
Because This Is What We Do, 2005
Bizarre Sexual Stories in the News, 2005
Burn It In, 2005
Change My Perspective, 2005
Chess Game Again, 2005
Communication, 2005
Coquinas, 2005
Dreams 01-14-04, 2005
Dreams 01-19-04 one, 2005
Dreams 02-20-04 one, 2005
Everything was Alive and Dying, 2005
Expecting the Stoning, 2005
False Suicide, 2005
Farmer, 2005
Freedom Just Past the Fence, 2005
Gary’s Blind Date, 2005
Get the Idea, 2005
God Eyes, 2005
Hancock Suicide, Chicago, December 1994, 2005
He Told Me His Dreams Nine, 2005
Headache, 2005
Holding my Skin Together, 2005
Hope and Taxes, 2005
I Dreamt About You Last Night, 2005
In the Air, 2005
Instead of Feeling Nervous, 2005
Joe Putz-a-vucki, 2005
Last Before Extinction, 2005
Magnum Opus, 2005
On an Airplane With a Frequent Flyer, 2005
One Summer, 2005
People’sLives Were at Stake, 2005
Please Drive Through, 2005
Poam: Militant Man With Schizophrenia, 2005
Praying To Idols, 2005
Scars 2000, turned to prose in 2005
Some People Want to Believe, 2005
Taking Out the Brain, 2005
the Battle At Hand, 2005
the One at Mardi Gras, 2005
the State of the Nation, 2005
This is my Burden, 2005
Transcribing Dreams Three, 2005
Understood, 2005
Walking Home From School, 2005
Wedding Lost, 2005
Whether Or Not It Is From Religion, 2005
Who You Tell Your Dreams To, 2005

prose adapted from 1998 recovery poetry:
A Lifetime Together, 2005
Afraid of Telling The Truth, 2005
And I Don’t Care, 2005
Are The Things That I Like, 2005
As I Recovered, 2005
At Least That’s What I Hear, 2005
But I Won’t, 2005
But You Know What I Mean, 2005
Crazy Women Talking: This Much I’ve Learned, 2005
Do That For Me Then, 2005
Do You Still Want To See Me, 2005
Enough So Far, 2005
get it over with, 2005
Good Things Have Happened to Me Too, 2005
Had A Point, 2005
Here’s your chance, 2005
I Know It’s Not Going To Happen, 2005
Is it just me, 2005
I’ve Done That, So Have You, 2005
Janet Being Alone, 2005
jarv, 2005
Killing the Tired, 2005
Make Things Better, 2005
My Turn, 2005
Needy Person, 2005
No There Isn’t, 2005
Not For Me Yet, 2005
Not Getting Better, 2005
Pool Together Our Money, 2005
Prepared For The Worst, 2005
Short-Term Advice, 2005
Slow Painful Death, 2005
So To Speak, 2005
Someone Give Me The Answers, 2005
Someone Like Me, 2005
Stilts, 2005
Supposed To Be, 2005
suspend My Beliefs, 2005
Take It All Away, 2005
That Adorable Together, 2005
That We Wish, 2005
The Same For You, 2005
The Things They Did To You, 2005
The Truth and Liars, 2005
Things I Find Charming, 2005
Things i’ve Needed, 2005
Thinks That Through, 2005
Well, Someone Is, 2005
Well, What About Me, 2005
What I Go Through, 2005
What It All Means, 2005
What Makes Me Real (Not To Share My Dreams Again), 2005
What the Truth Looks Like, 2005
When You’ve Only Got You, 2005
You Know What I’m Talking About, 2005


portions of a novel in progress:
the Omega
the Delta

magazine editorials:
Child Molestors & JonBenet Ramsey
Choose Your Theory: Science or God
Do Protests Equal Violence?
Election Hell & Gossip Galore
Failure to Implement Basic Safety (Even When Creative With Our Ideas...)
If I Did It: Justifying the Morally Reprehensible (about O.J. Simpson’s book about what his double murder “might” have been like)
Hillary Clinton Losing Her Chance at the Presidency
Proving the Existence of Jesus
Putting Up Walls Is Never the Solution
Shoving our “good life” down the enemy’s throats
The Columbine Connection And a love affair with violence
The world Knows You (about the NSA and privacy issues)
Understanding Global Warming
the Vegetative State, part II So what defines when someone’s alive?

Letter To Mom (06/10/06)
letter 09/16/06


magazine editorials:

Abortion, Eugenics, and the Line of Life

Al Capone caught for tax evasion;
O. J. Simpson caught for robbery

Anna Nicole Smith
the Fascination with the embodiment of all of America’s Stereotypes

Are We Safe Yet?

Clinton, the Black Contingency & the Political Machine
the real chance for a President that’s not a white man

Defining Human Life
an Austrialia Supreme Court deciding if a chimpanzee is a human being

Diffusing our Dependence

A Different Light on the Global Warming Debate

Diffusing our Dependence
Finding alternatives in plants and food for sources of fuel and bioenergy so Americans are not so dependent on middle Eastern oil while we try to be better for the environmen.

Does the Internet Equal the End of reading?
relying on the Internet & cable news 7 not the newspaper

Employment & Independence Issues
problems for getting jobs: due to race, religion... or youth

Eye on the Sky... and Eye on Politics
how astronomy and politics really have a history together

Fear... Generated by the 24-hour News Stations
evidence from both the liberal media and more right-wing news stations

FOX Wants to Legally Lie
FOX News fired two reporters for not lying in their story, then FOX got away with firing them because they used the Frst Amendment with freedom of speech to say they can lie in the news if they want to

Global Warming: reports from Chicago to China?
looking for climate correction from at home in Chicago all the way to China

Hitler as a Minister
Witnessing Similarities between Nazism and Religion

I Don’t Know What I Was Betting On

If I Exploited It
the Ron Goldman family Trying a turn a buck on O. J. Sompson murdering a family member

Looking for Life on Mars

Making Sense out of the Economy

No Water on other Planets?

Paying for Canceling Cancer?
the potential and the fear of halting most cervical cancer —
and the cost of “forcing” it down young girl’s throats

The Countdown to the Presidency
Like being at a carnival where there is a row of ducks moving along a line and you’re supposed to hit them to win a prize, they all look the same, See how as the Primaries draw closer, everyone starts acting more and more alike.

This Story’s Heating Up: The Effects of Global Warming

U.S. Healthcare & Canadian Healthcare
That’s the beauty of Capitalism: you pay for what you get (and that’s how it should be)

Wanting To Stop Global Warming?
Well, think again... because life causes global warming

When Power (and Weather) Become Your Enemy


magazine editorials:

Barack Obama winning the Presidency on November 4th
writings from the morning through the evening 11/04/08
from this Chicagoan on Barack Obama’s becoming the President Elect

Biofuels are Bad for the Environment
It Look Like We’re Hurting You, But We’re Only Trying To Help You —
how biofuels raise the price of food globally and actually hurt the environment

Can Outer Space Research Lead us to Fuel on Earth?

Capturing the Wild for our Entertainment

Fearing the Candidacy Reaper
trying to make sense of the Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama
Democrat Presidential nomination process

Free Healthcare and the Poor

How Did We Get into this Mess?
Guessing why jobs went overseas
and CEOs made millions... legally

Staying In or Pulling Out
when the U.S. should get out of Iraq

the Presidential Election and Chicago Politics

Too Many Laws

What’s in your Water?
a philosophy monthly article about not only drugs but also feces in your water

Which 3rd Party Candidate will spoil
the chances for Which Major Candidate?

ow a Libertarian candidate for President may make the Republican nominee struggle, verses Ralph Nader and the Green Party making it difficult for the Democratic candidate


Hurry Up and Wait
Jeremy, or Stallion?
Warring Nations

magazine editorials:

A Socialist by Any Other Name Smells the Same

Economic Rantings
(I thought it would be better with a new President...)

The Cost of Compassion Might Be Too High

The Loss of A Gorgeous Giant Planet
The loss of the Saturn is a loss of safety, financial savings... and sanity
A 2009 editorial about bailout #2 of GM and Chrysler

The Seriousness of Sexual Attacks
and dangers from the minority

an ediotrial about the rape of women and false rape charges


poetry converted to prose:

A Little Angel Inside 2010
Aim Carefully 2010
All I Can Capture 2010
and What I Want to Know 2010
Are The Things That I Like 2010
ask me if i’m a truck 2010
Be Free Of You 2010
Before Taking Over the Controls 2010
Build Your Own Cross 2010
Canned Condolences 2010
Cashews 2010
Decorating the Palm Trees 2010
Don’t Go To Denny’s 2010
Dreams 01/19/04 one 2010
Dreams 09/07/07 2010
Dreams 12/24/05: Aeon Flux Crawl 2010
Egg for a Week 2010
Evicted Today 2010
Faith Comes Only 2010
Fingers Black 2010
Fitting the Mold 2010
Flooded War Memories 2010
Four Syllables 2010
Frozen Together 2010
Going Nowhere 2010
Got on the Road Again 2010
Grab the Other’s Neck 2010
Helping Men in Public Places 2010
Ice Cream Stain 2010
In a Cardboard Box 2010
John Stories 2010
Joy 2010
Just Let Her Rest 2010
Just Out of Reach (Edges of their Ocean) 2010
Keep Driving 2010
Keep me Sane 2010
Keep Them Apart 2010
Key To Survival 2010
Knelt and Cried 2010
Knotted Hate 2010
Left with a Hole 2010
Let Me Be 2010
Like I Was Never There 2010
Loss 2010
Loving Four 2010
More Believable That Way 2010
My Future Job Options 2010
New Vacuum Cleaner 2010
90% Sure (Dreams 07/06/06 Two) 2010
No One Will 2010
Now You’re Nothing To Me 2010
Only For One Night 2010
Our Couple In Love 2010
Passed Away 2010
Seven and Seven, Plus Eighteen 2010
“So” 2010
Sorry Flowers 2010
Sparkle 2010
Squid 2010
Story Telling 2010
Ten Minutes 2010
“that’s from the barbed wire” 2010
the Cycle of Life 2010
The Good “Doctor” 2010
the View of the Alley 2010
the Writing Of My Life 2010
Thinking. I hate that. 2010
Thirteen Seconds 2010
three minutes for three dollars 2010
Too Far 2010
Tribal Scream 2010
Trying to Change Fate 2010
Tuesday Nights 2010
Venture to the Unknown 2010
Waiting fro a Sign 2010
What the Hell is She Complaining About 2010
Where Does The Love Go 2010
Why I Didn’t See God 2010
Worn Out 2010
you’ll like them 2010


< the Real Messages in News Stories
an editorial about the deportation of an anchor baby, while illegal Guatemalan parents are not deported


fox in the snow

“If rape is bad, then just don’t call it rape...”

on the mend

Orange Musk

Protecting themselves from a government gone wrong
an editorial about U.S. ranchers defending their rights with guns from government gone wrong

Valentine’s Day Over 25 Days Away


Journal (20150116 IST / 20150115 CST)

Look for news that kills us — so turn to the Weather

Solving all racial issues (one riot at a time)

(written in order written, not alphabetical order)

my (now) Outsider’s look at Chicago Violence

The Destruction of our Political System

the Clash of the Titans: Chicago Violence and Donald Trump

(written in order written, not alphabetical order)

Live Stream your Live Violence (Social Media: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

Presidents through the years, and the closing of the American mind

Virus Awareness: 30 years to stopping HIV

Weighing on my Soul

Welcome to the New Normal


Exactly What I am Celebrating (patriotism vs. protests)


How Quickly Life can Change
(written 1/3/23, the day after football player Damar Hamlin
collapsed and was hospitalized in critical condition)

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