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20150116 8:07AM IST
20150115 8:36PM CST

Janet Kuypers

    While in India John said to me, “So you know, all the horn honks are not for you...” (because usually at home whenever I’d go for a walk along the streets I’d usually get at least one horn honking, if not a cat call from an open window, because men are often base and sexually rude that way), and I laughed and said I knew that, everyone honks at everything here because people cram into any spaces and do not use lanes or stop signs, I get it. But not fifteen seconds after he said that to me, that the horn honks are not for me, I sensed someone walking behind us. I signaled to John to move to the side so they could pass (because as a woman, being followed is usually not a good thing, because anything could be a threat).
    But just after he made this comment about horn honks for me, and just after I let someone walking behind us pass us, then we both watched the man (probably all 5' 2" of him), even after he was in front of us, repeatedly turn around to look at me specifically. He’d look back to where he was walking, and then he’d turn around again, look at me for a second or two, then turn back to watch where he was walking.
    He did this at least six times, until we got off that road.
    Well, it’s nice to see that sexism and men degrading women is global.

Chicago poet Janet Kuypers
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