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Valentine’s Day Over 25 Days Away

Janet Kuypers

    I dated a guy once for a few months... And after the first week of January, I noticed that when we went out, we would always do things that I suggested — I remember inviting him out to do things with my friends, but I don’t ever remember him bringing me to hang out with his friends.

    One thing I do remember is that on one cold January evening we were waking down the street and I found a coin on the ground.

    This may be a sign, I thought.

    I leaned over when I saw that the coin’s glimmer was not copper-toned like a penny, but silver, like a nickel or a dime. As I started to get closer to pick up the coin, I was so excited —

    “Hey, that’s a quarter on the ground!” I said.

    Then I told my date that if you ‘find a penny, pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck,’ then maybe, because I picked up a quarter, I said maybe I’d have twenty-five days good luck.

    We laughed at the little comment, and I put the quarter in my pocket and we kept walking.

    And I knew we were dating, but we were not that close, and as it was approaching Valentine’s Day, he broke up with me.

    Now as I said, we weren’t that close, and I imagine he was thinking, “oh wait, Valentine’s Day is approaching, and I don’t want her to expect something from me,” blah blah blah, and let me repeat myself, we weren’t that close, it was wasn’t a big deal.

    But the strangest thing was that he broke up with me twenty-six days after I found that quarter.

    Twenty-five days of that proverbial ‘good luck’, and then he broke up with me. It was the strangest thing.

Chicago poet Janet Kuypers
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