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90% Sure (Dreams 07/06/06 Two) 2010

Janet Kuypers
(poetry converted to prose)

    it was the strangest thing: you know how I have old computers in my bedroom downstairs? I keep them there because they still run enough that I can have images display on their screens when I have people over. well anyways, I remembered being in the bedroom downstairs checking my email (and trust me, these computers downstairs don’t have the software and don’t have web access, so I don’t know where this idea came from) but I was checking my email on my computer downstairs and I got an email from a friend living across the country that I would visit when I travel in a month but this email sent to me was in web format and the type was larger and it looked almost like a handwriting font was used in his short email message.
    the email said something to the effect of (in a large handwriting typeface) “well, maybe you should know by now that I’m like ninety percent sure that I’m gay”
    and that’s all it said.
    so I was trying to look at the long list of previous replied-to messages at the bottom of his email to see if there was anything written about this before... and there was nothing.
    and I was thinking, wait, this guy is married with children and he’s telling me he’s ninety percent sure he’s gay? I didn’t know if this was a joke or not I mean, how are you ninety percent sure? so I yelled for my husband “hey, can you come in here, there’s an email I want you to read” but I can’t remember if he came in to read the email.
    but that’s okay that email doesn’t exist and I can’t even use the computers downstairs anyway.

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