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Let Me Be 2010

Janet Kuypers
(poetry converted to prose)

    there’s love at one side of the spectrum... there’s hate at the other side. and then in the middle, there’s indifference.
    indifference, apathy. lack of anything.
    that’s that in-between space.
    after we broke up, I drank too much at bars, getting too angry, getting too depressed... and now I want to live my life, and I swear, I want you to be no part of it.
    and it’s not because if I see you I’ll lash out at you. and it’s not because I inherently desperately want you back. and it’s not because I’m busy comparing you to what I could have. it’s because...
    I have better things to do.
    and you’re in the way.
    because there is so much I could do. I could jump out of an airplane, I could write a novel, I could make my first million in the Stock Market (well, it could happen)... I could take the stage. I could take a shower, I could file my nails, I could... fall asleep.
    I could do whatever I want and I want to make it clear: I’m finally free from you. and I mean that in the physical sense, in the intellectual sense, even in the molecular sense.
    I mean,
    I’m free of you.
    so please,
    get me out of your head.
    let me be.

Chicago poet Janet Kuypers
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