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Frozen Together 2010

Janet Kuypers
(poetry converted to prose)

    so i’m sitting at the corner stool of a bar no one ever goes to, holding my scotch on the rocks. it’s scotch for now, anything to numb the pain. so i swirl my drink clock-wise in my hand, watch the liquor swirling around, watch the ice cubes spinning in circles, and try to get you out of my head. because when you came in, you came in like... like something that you can’t escape. like that beat from the dance bar that’s stuck in your head that makes you want to move together in time... or like your eyes, the color of the sky — or was it the ocean that i could drown in. like bright sunlight just after dawn seeping past the window blinds, forcing me to attention to respond to you. like bright sunlight seeping its way past the window shades in this bar, as i swirl the ice in my glass now frozen together: a disc swirling clock-wise, ‘cause the scotch is gone. it’s gone, like you, but i can’t get you out of my head... so this time maybe i’ll have jack.

Chicago poet Janet Kuypers
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