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A Little Angel Inside 2010

Janet Kuypers
(poetry converted to prose)

    it seems strange, that on the day the towers fell five years ago (where every television station and newspaper is praising our resolve for all of the death that has been forced upon us), well, it seems strange that this is the day the death certificates became available from Fuller Funeral Home. and this is the day we pick up my mother’s ashes.
    seems eerily strange.
    my sister is holding some ashes to be made into a diamond from mom, so they came to us with a small container for her and a larger cardboard box of all of mom. and Kristina from Fuller Funeral Home even handed me a small maroon bag tied tightly shut and she whispered to me, “these are your mother’s earrings”. I knew the dress we chose for her (the dress she wore to my wedding) would be burned with her in her cremation, but it never occurred to me that the earring would survive. and here they are, in a little velour bag for me.
    like how people try to keep something from the fall of the World Trade centers who lived through that horrendous day, well, I think, maybe this is what I’ll keep. if anyone argues about them I’ll say, I lost her dress from my wedding for the cremation so these earrings are a gift to me now. sorry. I know, they’re clip-on earrings and they’re not real diamonds but they are three pretty little stones today, tomorrow and forever, and they look so dainty and delicate and they’re a good way for me to remember her.
    when we left Fuller Funeral Home dad carried the paperwork, the death certificates, and I carried mom with us in her little containers. I think I held that little red bag like there was a little angel inside, and I had to be delicate to make sure nothing happened to it because I was it’s keeper now. I’ll treat it well and treasure it always. I promise.

Chicago poet Janet Kuypers
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