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Child Molestors & JonBenet Ramsey

Okay, I’m one of those people who believed that the JonBenet Ramsey’s parents had something to do with their daughter’s murder. Granted, all I had was circumstantial evidence to support that (unlike my beliefs in the O. J. Simpson case, where there was physical evidence everywhere pointing to O.J. as the murderer), but that circumstantial evidence said that there was no prints (including no prints in snow) around their home and no forced entry. But later I’d hear reports that there was no snow on the ground at the time (Christmas in Boulder Colorado and no snow... okay, seems a stretch, so what should I believe?), and then I heard that there was a suitcase placed under a window that was left open (then again, I also heard reports that investigators moved that suitcase there after they discovered the murder, so a killer didn’t put it there... once again, what should I believe?). So yes, everything is circumstantial, so no other leads have ever come up as possibilities for solving this bizarre murder.
And looking at how this little model actress five year-old was treated — no, she wasn’t sexually abused or beaten or anything like that, but she was paraded around, dressed up with more make-up and styling products that I have ever worn (and that includes my wedding day, when I paid people to do my hair and make-up), given the most flamboyant and obnoxious clothes, and made to parade around like she was a prize pedigree in a dog show. You wonder who there are such slanted views of women? Well, it’s taught to kids from early childhood — just look at JonBenet Ramsey. When you see clips of footage of her in contests, even when you’re a same person, a part of you has to think that images like these are a child molester’s dream.
So ten years after her murder, after her mother has died from cancer, all of the instant twenty four hour cable news shows start screaming that a suspect for the JonBenet Ramsey murder is in custody. Of course you hear his middle name... All killers have to be listed with their middle name because (A) you might happened to know a John Booth and you don’t want to confuse your friend with this killer, and (B) it just sounds more ominous when you hear a person’s middle name, I mean, I think it’s become something in this country that you have just naturally associate a name with the middle name included as a killer... But these twenty-four hour news stations all start reporting that his man, Mr. Karr (his full name is John Mark Karr, but I won’t use his full name and assume he’s a murderer, that’s just not right is he’s not a murderer), a known lover of child porn, was in Bangkok, arrested for I believe a child molestation offense, when he confessed to “being there” when JonBenet Ramsey was killed. Now listen to me carefully (because the people from every news station under the sun didn’t listen to this), Mr. Karr, at the beginning, said he was there. He didn’t say he killed JonBenet Ramsey.
But well after the fact, I hear the drive-by media (I mean, the 24 hour cable news stations) say he did say he killed her. But as far as I know, he never said those words. Once again with the JonBenet Ramsey case, I hear conflicting stories. Who am I to believe?
Now, if he’s telling the truth (of even at least being there), police may be able to get information our of him. But he might not be telling the truth... But why would he lie?
The answer to that question came to me the instant I heard where he came from: he was in Bangkok, charged with a child molestation offense. Now, that doesn’t sound so bad (I mean, it not as bad as murder), but keep in mind that Bangkok doesn’t take too kindly to caught offenders with child molestation charges. And remember that unlike the United States, the country of Bangkok probably doesn’t have the fairest or most thorough trial, so Mr. Karr could anticipate a quick sentencing and violent punishment for his charges.
That, and if he didn’t kill JonBenet Ramsey, he’d be sent back to the United States, get out of sentencing in Bangkok, and eventually has U.S. charges dropped.
Okay... So, should people believe that Mr. Karr just decided to say he was there for the JonBenet Ramsey murder on a whim to get out of sentencing in a brutal country? Well, possibly, and his family even have photos (not date-stamped photos, like you find now from generic processing stations, so it’s not provable, but the family says they know when the photos were taken) from the time of JonBenet Ramsey’s murder, when Mr. Karr was with them for Christmas. And beyond that, it’s not like this man fascinated with little kiddies never thought about little kiddies before. He even made a point to lean about JonBenet Ramsey well before he was caught in Bangkok. Shortly after the twenty four hour stations broadcasted his details, they reported that Mr. Karr was in communication with a professor in Colorado, who was able to give him lots of information about JonBenet Ramsey — and as far as I know, Mr. Karr was getting this information after her murder. To me (and to someone else who was listening to this story as it unfolded), it was starting to sound like Mr. Karr was having a fascination with JonBenet Ramsey’s murder (as well as her beauty, and her innocence, and whatever else child molesters like about children), and wanted to learn as much as he could about her.
If he gained this knowledge to help him get out of a potential future criminal charge in an unforgiving country, well, I can’t say. But if it was planned, you might think it is cruel. But in a way, I think it was deviously cunning.
I’ve been asked to give my editorial opinion on Mr. Karr and the JonBenet Ramsey case. Well, I think Mr. Karr the school teacher (just saying those words together can make you shudder, when he is a child molester, or at least someone who likes child porn, and a school teacher) didn’t kill JonBenet Ramsey. I think his fascination with this dolled up little girl (who must have seem so deliciously succulent in his eyes, looking like a perfectly “molestable” little child, in the eyes of known child molesters), and the research he chose to do after her death, may have led him to concoct this story to get him out of a worse punishment in a worse country. Now he’s just sent to another state to face child porn charges, and trust me, although that’s bad, that’s nothing compared to whatever punishment he would face in Bangkok. So whether what Mr. Karr did to get out of child molestation charges is right or not in your opinion is not a judgment I’m going to delve into right here. But pay attention to the news. You may not like who he is, but you shouldn’t have been surprised by his almost immediate acquittal from the charges.

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