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When You’ve Only Got You 2005

started 11/29/98, coverted to prose 09/28/05

There were so many things I wanted to believe and there were so many things I felt like I could trust.
It’s funny when people are paid off to tell you lies, and you can trust no one because anyone can be paid off.
That’s when you’ve only got you.
I know that can be rough sometimes, I’ve managed after all these years and I’ve made it just fine on my own.
And then you had to come along.
And maybe it was my problem to trust you. Maybe I thought that you wouldn’t lie to me.
I wanted to get to know you. I’ve gotten to know you, working together with you... I’ve learned about your love of pornography and I thought that you did it because you were so obsessed with your work and you had no time for other people too.
There were many things I wanted from life you know, some women get married and have kids and depend on another man for the money. And maybe I want that and maybe I don’t, but I have to know that someone out there is worth it.

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