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what the truth looks like 2005

started 09/27/98, converted to prose 09/28/05

It always seems that when she starts typing she has to have me in the room with her and she seems to need to say certain words out loud, so she can say out loud to all the world that there is an apostrophe in any given word.
She’ll be silent, then as she’s writing she’ll say, “can’t,” or “don’t” or “won’t” or even “shouldn’t”.
Well, I sure I should use this as my written thank you to her for helping me type.
It has been a long month, and I’m getting tired of hand-writingeverything on to paper.
Well I thought I’d do it anyway, so you have a bit of insight into the craziness of getting over some of the pain someone has to go through in their life.
Well, maybe you’ll also understand why people want to get out of a hospital or what they want to live on their own and have their life back.
Well, that’s just my little theory.
You’d have to ask everyone else what they go through, but maybe this all will give you some idea of what the truth looks little sometimes.

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