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Isn’t it funny how irony can grab a hold of you and turn you upside-down?
Actually, irony doesn’t do that to you - it does everything else to you, and everone else sees the irony.

A father owned a bungee-jumping company, and one day he had his family with him and they wanted him to jump. Because, I mean, it’s a safe thing, you know. And it was his wedding anniversary, and he said Okay, I Can Do It. And he got up there and he got strapped in and the kids turned the video camera on.
And yes, he was strapped to the rope, but the rope wasn’t strapped to the crane.
The rope was strapped to nothing.
And his own children got to videotape their own father struggling for the end of the rope, or the end of the ledge, or safety, or anything.
And this is a true story, I tell you
And he had nothing like this happen before, and this is the irony that everyone else saw. Because it wasn’t irony that got a hold of him and turned him upside-down. it was gravity, and mistakes, and everything that could go wrong.
Which did.
It was something that got a hold of you. Something, I tell you. and everyone else after the fact understood.

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