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Things I Find Charming 2005

started 12/29/98, converted to proce 09/28/05

When there is so much hope. There are so many hopes I have had... and I have hoped for good things Every once in a while And maybe I couldn’t have everything I ever wanted...
And sometimes things can go according to plan; whether it’s my plan or not. it’s still a plan, and I’ll take it.
And when I heard that he liked me, well, I gathered that much by his sign language, well, then I ate that up with a spoon.
And yes, maybe he is a nice guy. And maybe he acted like he liked me. And maybe he was bold enough to say that I was nice, and that I was attractive.
Okay, fine, maybe he is shorter than me. And maybe he is younger than me. And maybe he doesn’t live where I do. And maybe he’s cocky and sometimes arrogant.
Okay, and he is straight forward and maybe also obnoxious, but the problem is that all of these traits that sound bad are things I find charming.
Sometimes when you can’t get the man of your dreams, you can take the good with the bad, and you can be happy with the good.
And maybe I look forward to hearing from him again if he calls me while I was in town. We will see if that happens. And I can hope

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