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So To Speak 2005

started 09/10/98, converted to prose 09/27/05

Just so the rest of the world has a good idea of what the rest of the world is really like, I just thought I’d let the average Joe know what life is really all about, and well, I guess the average Joe should also know when people are lying and what lies really mean to you and me ad the otherwise average guy. Go get ready.
The average person, with their average personal problems, wouldn’t let the problems little from the modern world occupy their little brain. Well, those average little problems are more than a problem, Hell, they are more than a slew of problems that seem disturbing to the average Joe, without inspection. Well, the underlying problem with this whole mess is that with the problems it’s more than the original mess the undoing of this mess of problems could cause — the real potential problem is in ignoring the problems, which seems to be what the average Joe does with daunting problems. Well, that’s what the average Joe does with as many problems as he can fit in his grocery basket. Well, you get the idea.
The problem here is that there are too many problems, and no one is doing anything about the side problems (the little problems), and the problems are just getting worse, and no one is around to save us from what we accidentally caused by trying to do nothing about a non-existent, more trivial problem. Well, that’s the problem, as I see it. Smaller problem begat bigger problems, and we choose to ignore the smaller problem, until they become huge problems that we don’t know how to solve. That’s what we need to change, so everything can instantly become all better again.
Well, the solving of this problem could be problematic, because no one might be able to tell that there is a problem, and no one might be able to solve said problems that no one was willing to previously tackle.

Oh, forget it.
Maybe there is no solution to these problems. I figure that eventually someone has to come up with an answer, and then once someone does, we can agree with it and then proceed to act upon it. That’s just my theory. Well, the current problem seems to be that no one can come up with a single solution for a single problem. Maybe the average Joe needs to be reminded of the problems. SO you go and get to work on that, and I’ll attempt my little speech on solving all of the problems of the world shortly.

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