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On My Own/Successful Woman

Janet Kuypers
written for the 02/15/05 show “How Do I Get There?

    I am a 28 year old woman.
    I am doing well on my own.
    I’m the one with the car. I’m the one with the plan.
    People always look to me for answers.
    I look around me. I am pleased.
    And then I see my high school friends, married, sometimes with their high school sweetheart, and with a kid or two.
    Different life from me.
    I’ve been the beacon all along, but here I am, on top of the mountain, the one with the answers, alone.
    And I think: hey, I’m a girl. Maybe I should want that. Maybe I should want that white picket fence and the two point three kids, and that man I can lean on so I don’t have to be the beacon.
    I look down at myself, and I think: this is what I am. I look at these suburban families, & I think: is this what I should want? My clock is ticking. See this? This should be my plan. Who will sweep me off my feet? Where is my man? Where is that dream? How do I get there?

Chicago poet Janet Kuypers
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