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Make Things Better 2005

Started 10/13/98, converted to prose 09/26/05

I don’t know where the answers are supposed to be. I know it sounds trite to say that, but I’ve...
There it goes, that woman that’s always suppsed to say something of value is once again coming to a stumbling block... I have nothing to add.
Okay, maybe I do have some ideas about this whole answer thing, but don’t think that anyone wants to hear it. So, I’ll offer insight about this whole answer problem. That’s the best I can do on such short notice.
No, I can say with some certainty that I dont know where the answers are. I know enough to know that it’s tough to see someone you care about die. Even when you were preparing for it in your head, before the death actually happened. You could find out that someone you care about is dead. Or you might have to be the one to tell the doctors and nurses in the hospital that they’re not living anymore. You can be the one that is expected to give that news. And maybe you need help in dealing with this, maybe you have to tell this awful news and maybe just need to be held because you don’t know what else you can do to make things better for you. But no one tells you these things, and no one is there for you, because well, they’re suffering too, and you don’t understand what they feel and they don’t understand what you feel either.
Well, maybe there are a lot of things that we can’t know everything about and therefore understand at the snap of our fingers. I don’t know those answers, either. But maybe we just have to remember every once in a while that other peope have pain too, just like our own pain, or maybe they have a pain that could be completely different from the kind of pain we are used to. Maybe we just have to remember that people hurt. Maybe we can’t come up with the answers for them either, but maybe they’ll appreciate the effort you make to try to make things better.

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