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I’ve Done That, So Have You, 2005

started in the fall of 1998, turned to prose 09/25/05

It’s funny when you get used to life being a certain way, and you assume that nothing ever changes and that’s just the way it is. Well, as time wears on (and as you’re not thinking about the details) it’s not hard to fall into that cycle, where it’s easy to care about watching the weekly news show and it’s easy to take care of all the work that is on your mind that is in your thoughts... And it’s easy to fall into that rut.
I’ve done that. So have you.
And my point is, it’s easy to just let life happen and not try to change it or anything.
I’ve done that. So have you.
Well, what I’m wondering here — when you get used to life being just that way, then, well, is it just the days going by and just the work and occasionally the movie you rent at Blockbuster so you don’t have to have another night out with the guys?
Well, when life becomes that big rut, when life becomes just one big cycle, well, maybe some people can’t handle that rut and maybe some people want something different.
I don’t know, maybe you don’t mind the rut.
Because maybe the people that mind the rut will just have to get used to having it, because what if life is just one big rut?
What I’m wondering is this: will you be used to that?

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