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Generic Images of Love

Janet Kuypers
written for the 02/15/05 show “How Do I Get There?

    I look out my window and see that insanely tall man walking down the street with the girlfriend that’s five foot two, & I wonder if this girl has a father-figure complex, & I wonder if this guy needs a small girl that he can break into two pieces, or if he needs to feel dominant over everything in his life...
    Isn’t the tall white male dominant over everything already?
    So I wonder: why is this insanely short girl dating this insanely tall man? Why are they taking from the gene pool these (albeit neanderthal) men from us tall women? Is this fair? How do I have a chance at a tall man when these short barbie doll women stop me before I can start?
    I see these images, these people, walking down the street hand in hand, and I wonder: how do I get that image I dream of, how do I get the dozen roses, how do I get that box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, Hell, I’ll settle for Sweetest Day, how do I get those generic symbols of love? How do I get there?

Chicago poet Janet Kuypers
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