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Enough So Far, 2005

original written 11-24-98, turned to prose 09-12-05

Okay, so you thought that it would be a good idea for me to be with him, and I appreciate your honesty.
I’m not used to honesty, you know. I’m used to people trying to screw me over, and I know I’m a girl but I have to act like a guy sometimes so that people don’t try to make my life tougher.
Hasn’t it been tough enough so far?
Well anyway, I appreciate your truthfulness. When you’re so used to not getting the truth from anyone well, honesty is nice.
And I know that when I started to tell you about what I thought might happen with me and him, you kept saying that he has to be a lucky guy.
Well, I don’t know if he understands that, yet.
And if he’s supposed to think everything is great because he could have me in his life, well, I don’t know if what I can do for him is enough.
If life was all candy, I might think that there is hope for me.
I would have thought that hope was an option before, then.
I just want to know if he feels the kind of love that I feel for him — the kind of love that doesn’t go away
I want to know if I should have hope when you talk. You give me reason to have hope.
and I don’t know if I should hope, but right now I’ll take whatever I can get.

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