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But You Know What I Mean, 2005

original edited D12-20-98, turned to prose 09-12-05

When we were sitting in the water and the water was warm and it was like being in a bath tub — well, a bath tub with chlorine and a light at the side and it was not like you could be naked in it or anything, but you know what I mean.
But when we were sitting in the water we were looking at the sky for a bit. It was hard because it was not dark enough because it’s always better when there are no lights on and you are not in a mayor city or anything. But we were just talking about how much we loved astronomy and we loved to look at stars. And we know where the stars are supposed to be in the sky, and what about cloud formations that are the galaxy we are in... There is so much to know about astronomy and I think it is the science of it that makes us love it so much.
You know, my old telescope is in the house here, and I think this is all a good excuse to get it outside...

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