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But I Won’t, 2005

original written 12-14-98, turned to prose 09-12-05

Have you ever driven a truck before? I’m talking a big truck, not something like a glorified SUV, or something the size of a minivan, but a big truck. That’s something I have wanted to ask, and it seems like a silly question, because when you think of truck drivers you think of people who live on the road and drive semis and you probably don’t know many people like that, so you probably would just answer no.
But the view from a truck like that, well, it’s higher and you feel like no one could hurt you because even if they hit you with their car there’s a good chance they’ll get more damage than you will... They key to driving a truck is basically what the truck comes with and how it handles the road and I could probably give you more explanations, but I won’t.
But what i’d say is that if you ever got a chance to drive one, just for a bit, just so you can say you have, well, as long as you think it’s safe well, do it then. Just so you can say you have.
There are many things you want to do in life and there are many things you want to accomplish. Jumping our of an airplane might be an example. My philosophy is, well, don’t do something dangerous, but if you get the chance to do something. well, do it. Take that chance, because you don’t know how many other chances you’ll get.

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