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Keep My Sanity

Okay, this place is such a mess.

I think that only because everything around us is such a mess, and we only get to see bits and pieces of the mess.

Have you ever thought that there is so much going on in the world, and have you thought that we are so lucky that you have access to so much information? I mean, the internet alone allows you to get information from reliable as well as subversive sources about topics that might not be covered in depth in the daily news. I mean, look how powerful CNN is now, how they have a few cable channels, and web sites, and well, they probably have a bunch of other stuff too, to make the world a more informed place.

That is, if you choose their avenues to get information from. You can always choose to surf the net and get information from people who live in recreational vehicles and drink too much and are sure that they have been abducted by aliens. Well, you choose you own sources, I guess.

And yes, maybe information is a good thing, if people looking for information can weed out the bad information from the good information, or if they can weed out the bad sources when they are too bust paying attention to the good sources.

I guess.

So what does it mean to have your own web site? Well, it means getting on the internet enough to get web space. I mean, America On line offers five screen names and 10 meg of web space to you for only twenty dollars a month, all while giving you internet access to most places in the United States. Okay, in Europe too. The point is that there are a lot of places to go to get access to the information you want to share. Programs on the computer can generate the right language for web pages too. That and a little advertising, and you can have people reading what you decide to post on the web.

So what does it mean to get information from common sources? Well, be prepared for the fact that it might not have the slant of your life style. It once again is a matter of knowing how to get the right information.

I have come to the point where I am so tired of the quote-unquote information super-highway that I don’t watch television much, where I don’t read the newspaper... Where I don’t even surf the net much or listen to the radio. I get to tired of listening to other people telling me how to think that I often prefer to just miss out on the big stories so that I can keep my sanity.

Maybe I am the only person that thinks that way. Yes, I have my own web site and I have my own e-mail and I’m really thinking about getting cable so I can watch cool television. And no, I don’t get a newspaper, and right now I don’t even have cable, and I much prefer listening to a compact disc of mine for music instead of leaving my will to the radio station. So maybe for now I have found a way to define a line to keep for me and information. You know, how much is too much. That is something I try to keep in mind every day.

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