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One Lonesome Whale

Janet Kuypers
1/17/20, based on her poem “Unique Noise

after I heard the entire story
of one lonesome whale in the Pacific
whose mating call was 52 Hertz,
higher than what any other whale could hear

after I heard the entire story
of Naval researchers studying this sound
for years, and learning
that only one whale made this mating call —

after I heard this entire story
it pulled on my heart strings, playing a
melancholy melody that only
I could hear, as I fear for this one lost whale

never knowing the entire story,
always feeling neglected, abandoned and alone
so is this how some sad souls
are bound to feel throughout their lives —

will I swim to the deepest depths
of the Pacific, just so I could find this one lonely
creature, so we could be together,
but alone, neither one of us able to share our souls

because hearing the entire story
may not make a difference, to help the truly
unique creatures with their truly
unique noises, calling, hoping someone will hear

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