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Janet Kuypers
3/24/19 (written for Lent)

Give me this time.
After the richness
of our foods and
our excess drink,
wallowing in our wealth
with our glutenous
indulgencies, please,
allow me this time.
As days grow longer,
I’ll need this time
to reflect on myself,
to contemplate the world
to reach a better
and connection.

Consider this penance
for all I have done,
and trust me —
I will keep all
of my strength
as I sacrifice all
during these 40 days
and 40 nights
to focus on what
I truly need, and what
I truly believe.
My soul has been
too old to die so young,
so this is why
I need this time,
to reflect, and realize
what more I must do
to make the world
worth celebrating again.

Please, I think you
have understood
that I am so
completely different
from those around me
and those before me.
So let me now
have this time,
so I can piece
it all together
once and for all.

Wait for my return.
I believe the reward
will be worth
the wait.

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