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Poetry on a Stick

Janet Kuypers
3/29/19 (written the day after
National Something on a Stick Day,
on twitter and Instagram and Tumblr)

I’ve always said
that everything is better
when it’s on a stick.
I mean, kids love ice cream
bars on sticks at carnivals;
the Republican Party
even reveled in serving,
during the Iowa caucuses,
deep-dried sticks of butter
on a stick
— which supports
my theory that everything
really is better on a stick.

And sure, you can put every
food imaginable on a stick,
and toys made on sticks
or from sticks have been
around forever. So why not
poetry on a stick? You can
find companies online like mad
selling single phrases they
call “poetry” on a stick...
But get more creative, cut
lines of a poem into one
long stream and tape it
to the end of a stick, wave
it around like you’re doing
an Olympic routine. Or
etch poetry on sticks and
leave then for others to find.
Because if everything
is better on a stick, it’s time
poetry proved that’s true.

Copyright © Janet Kuypers.

All rights reserved. No material
may be reprinted without express permission.

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