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Opportunity from

Janet Kuypers
8/11/19 (written on the birthday
of Robert G. Ingersoll in 1833)

After fighting for freedoms in this country,
after fighting for freedom against slavery —

the one thing I had to truly fight
was the battle in my own mind.

When I learned to finally think for myself
I was no longer a servant, a serf, or a slave*

and that nature guided me and the world,
not the ghosts and gods of myths.*

once I freed my mind of the fantastic,
this was true and real freedom.

Servitude or slavery is one thing,
but slavery of the mind is another.

These myths are shackles and prison bars
to your thoughts, forcing you to every fear

as fantastic as the fears that only the truly
creative mind can even try to create.

Now free your creative mind, because
the beauty is that you have the control

to release your shackles. When you do, then
you will know what it means to truly be free.


* from Robert Green Ingersoll, “Why I am an Agnostic”

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