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Just Names

Janet Kuypers
5/24/19, linked on twitter,
Instagram, and Tumblr

I didn’t think much of it
when I was in Washington, D.C.
and the journalist in me
was photographing the Viet Nam
memorial wall. While there
I saw a woman there, to revere
a name etched in stone;
others put flowers there, but I,
I was just there to take
pictures of it. That was my job.

It was only when they
made a “traveling wall”, only then
did I go there with him,
all the way up to Kenosha, Wisconsin
so that we could look
for our own name, reflect upon
the life lost in our own
family, for it to really hit home.

He served for 6 years,
He met his end in South Viet Nam.
He was a Green Beret.
But it doesn’t say that on the wall.

His wife never remarried.
She stayed in the same house
she picked with my cousin
all these years. But it doesn’t say

that on the wall either.
There are so many stories that wall
cannot begin to explain.
Names, just names is all it shares.

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