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Verge on Meditation

Janet Kuypers

I always thought of it was my beach.
I know it was a public place,
but Naples Pier, off the Gulf of Mexico
was a place that was my special retreat
ever since I was a little kid.
You have to go just one block north
of the Pier to dig in the sand
and find the coquina shell fish
burrowing their way into the sand.
Find the spiral in the shells,
drop it into the water between the waves
and watch the ever-growing ripples
in circles near your feet.

I don’t know why I’m claiming ownership
to a public beach, but when I search
for a moment to escape,
I choose to verge on mediation
by imagining myself on this beach
at dusk, where the reds and oranges
of our circular sun
change the water from blue to black —
with the beautiful breeze,
and the battered down circular
microscopic grains of sand
massaging my feet with each step —
that is the closest thing
to coming to peace,
and coming full circle
to reach everything I’ve ever needed.

All at a beach I claim for my own.
Well, when it makes me feel this good,
it does become mine,
and it makes the circle complete.

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