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a Great American (2016 edit)

Janet Kuypers
started 3/16/05, edited 8/24/05 & 8/26/05, edited for 7/2/16 show 6/23/16

When listening to Sean Hannity,
the talking head,
the Republican pundit,
I hear him say to all veterans,
“you’re a great American.”
Then other people
later on his show
would say that he is a great American.

And it becomes like a contest sometimes,
where everyone who supports
                Sean Hannity on his show
is calling each other a great American.

And I’m thinking:
he thanks veterans
because they fought in a war
and protected our country.
And I’m thinking,
we thank people
for finding a loophole to legally kill people,
even if it’s in a war that we don’t support,
a war not defending our country
but killing our people nonetheless...

Then again, we haven’t even been in wars —
only Congress can declare war,
and they haven’t done that
since World War Two.

Yeah, Sean Hannity thanks veterans
because they fought in a war
and protected our country,
but he also calls anyone a great American
only because they agree with him.

You can elevate anyone to that tall pedestal,
idolize them, call them a great American,
as long as they support the kakistocracy...

Hey, we’re Americans,
we’ve proclaimed ourselves to be the best...
We don’t idolize anyone
except ourselves —
so maybe it’s time we all start thinking
                the Sean Hannity way
and proclaim ourselves all
to be great Americans again.

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