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Young Dreams
from a Potential Legend

Janet Kuypers

I started playing baseball with my friends
when I was maybe seven,

then I joined the team at school. You see,
I was a pitcher

and because I was tall, I’d throw that ball
and batters were stumped.

I played in the minor leagues and I
really did well.

At one point, I think the major leagues
were looking at me,

like I could really have had a future
in baseball.

I was doing something I loved, and I was
on top of the world.

But one year, as I was pitching that ball
when playing baseball

it was like my shoulder just went out one.
It hurt so much

that it became next to impossible to play
baseball again.

I mean, I know my mom has arthritis,
it runs in the family,

but I didn’t think when I was so young
it could affect me so.

I was really enjoying what I was able to do,
but like with the snap

of my fingers, I had to stop.


It’s funny, I played baseball for years as I
was growing up,

but I think my dad came to my games less than
half the time.

I know he traveled for his job, he had better
things to do,

but I really didn’t know if he cared about
my playing baseball at all.

I mean, he later told me that he was really proud
of everything I did,

but I never got that impression from him
when I was young.

Looking back, all I can think was that
when I played baseball

I could have been a legend, and my dad
seldom saw my games.

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