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Janet Kuypers

I could walk into the bar “Sluggers”,
right across the street
from Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field...

I could walk into the bar
and talk to men there —
and if I said,

“If you work at it, I bet you could find
someone to really play ball with here.
Maybe you could swing that bat of yours

make it past first,
second and third base,
and you could score a home run.”

And if I said that to men
at a bar across the street
from an honored baseball field,

I’ll bet most of the men
wouldn’t be thinking of baseball at all.
Because that’s the way a man’s mind works:

everything can be reduced
to sexual conquests,
Get women too drunk to protest —

because if you get her
drunk enough, maybe
you can even score.


If you think I’m kidding,
know that a study was done
of college-aged men recently,

they all seemed to agree
that “rape” was wrong,
but at the same time

upwards of two thirds of the men
planned to get a woman
drunk enough

that they could sexually
force themselves upon her.
What a way to score, boys —

because to you it doesn’t matter
how the women feel,
to you it only matters

who scores the most,
because in your mindset,
that’s who wins the game.

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