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only philosophy

Janet Kuypers

there is a philosophy in the arc of a bullet
from a nine mil
until you watch that copper jacket
pierce that paper
still at fifty yards,
slicing through that target
and tearing that jagged oval
just an inch or two
from the center of that perfect circle.

there is a philosophy in the trees and crumpled leaves
under your step,
under your bike tires
when you hear the birds chirping
as you make your way
through the beauty of nature
while regaining your sanity
after the madness of your workday.

there is a philosophy in looking at that open road
and thinking “I can do this,”
before you decide to push that engine
faster than it has ever gone before.
You remain in control of this beast
and smile when the speedometer
goes as high as it can
and still doesn’t do you justice.

there is a philosophy in arching your back,
stretching your arms,
contorting your legs
when you realize
that you have the power
to master both your body
and your spirit.

there is a philosophy in meeting just the right someone,
spending your first date together
by talking philosophy half the night,
and you thinking,
my god, they’re not my clone,
but I didn’t know anyone out there
could exist who thinks like me,
and makes me love philosophy again
and reminds me that it’s good to be alive.

there has been too much in the world
that has made me struggle to even live,
so trust me, everything philosophically
comes together for you when you find
someone who makes you feel good
to be alive.

there is a philosophy in finding just the right position
to get a good night’s sleep —
when you’re curled up
in just the right way,
you wish
they would stay curled up with you
like this

And philosophy may smile upon you
when you realize
they too wish for that with you.
That they like hearing your heart beat
while you listen to their breathing.
But they, they can’t sleep,
when they’re too intoxicated
when they hear everything
about you
when you are so close.

there is a philosophy in you deciding to do something
not because it makes you happy
but because it would make them happy.

“Selfishness is a virtue,” you think,
but you,
doing this for them,
makes you happy.
It really does.

there is a philosophy in seeing you, actually looking at you,
when we’re out together,
facing each other at a table
or sitting next to each other at a bar.
And at that moment, I see you,
and all that is left of the world
is you, and my eyes staring at you.
And suddenly the world stops.
The world is a beautiful place,
because there is only you.

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