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Depth of Field

Janet Kuypers

When I looked for you
at the crowded train station,

the masses grew dense
as I craned my neck,

until I saw your head
emerging from the sea.

Suddenly I couldn’t escape you,
you seemed so crystal clear

in that crazed commuter crowd,
because everything blurred away

as my focus grew sharper on you,
perfectly framed in my depth of field.


To this day, when I see you
outside, coming toward me,

I first see you at a distance,
but when I see you it seems

that everything about you
comes sharply into focus

and everything else in the world
fades into the background.


You don’t know this,
but when we face each other

seated for a meal, I sometimes
stare, at your temples,

or maybe the space under
your ear lobe. I just look.

At times like these,
I want to capture every inch,

every minute detail of you,
store it in my memory,

so I can have that sharp image
of you always in my mind.

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