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Quiet for a While

Janet Kuypers

your incessant screaming
is making me go insane

all I want is some rest
and there you go,

bothering me again,
destroying my peace

and when I finally feel
I’m at one with the world

you harass me again,
you screech and wail

until I can’t take it any longer
and I use my bare hand

to strike you hard,
to shut you up

you stay quiet for a while
but only a day goes by

before you do it again
before you set me off agin

I swear, if I din’t need you
so much in my life

if I thought I could get along
without you every morning

if I didn’t need you
to get me through my day

I would get rid you you
I’d kick you to the curb

because this cycle is killing me
and how many more times

will you do this to me
before you break down?

but I know we’ll do this daily battle
before you’re reduced to nothing

and I’ll find someone else
to give me life again


(this is a poem about an alarm clock)

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