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Elephants Carry the World

Janet Kuypers
03/09/11 (conceived 03/08/11)

elephants carry the world
in a line
in a chain
they walk
hold up the earth

and i remember
sitting in the passenger seat
with you driving down the road
and two elephants
started walking down the street
in front of us

slow down,
get out of the way,
i thought

and as you started to pull over
i looked at you in a panic
and i said
“i don’t have my camera with me”

you pulled over,
and the two elephants
(one much larger than the other)
started walking across the street
and stopped right on the sidewalk
not three feet in front of us

we both just sat there
in shock and awe
until i watched
a man from a building across the street
come running toward us,
slowing down and stopping at a ledge
between us and the elephants

he placed some hard wrapped candied
on the ledge
and said to the elephants
“i thought you might like these”
and then slowly backed away

all I could think was
“how are they supposed to open candies
wrapped in plastic like this?
they don’t have opposable thumbs”

when you heard my thoughts
you said,
“elephants are highly intelligent creatures”

and i thought,
they carry the world, you know
as i then looked over
and saw these two elephants
get on large bicycles
and start to ride away

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