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Eat Me Alive

Janet Kuypers

I had a dream I woke up in a sewer
my clothes were wet from the filthy water

it felt like something was pulling me down into the filth
as I worked harder and harder to just stand

and I thought
how did I get here?
who put me here?
how on earth can I get out of here?

who drove me to this point?

I felt the slimy, filthy walls
of this coffin-like cave
as I was
trying to find a ledge for support
trying to find any way out

the noise from people walking above ground
was muffled
when I heard the rats coming
along with the water
from down the tunnel

I turned in the darkness to run
until I tried to take a turn
and was wedged in the concrete slabs

I was stick in the sewer
and the rats would eat me alive

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