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Just Can’t Breathe

Janet Kuypers

in memory of my Uncle Pete
you will be missed

over the years
with all of our problems
I’ve felt like I’ve been drowning

and when I’ve felt
like we’ve been in the clear
life began suffocating me

I know this sounds selfish
but I just can’t take this anymore
I just can’t breathe

I’ve served my country
led a good life, my family loves me
but these demons tell me it’s time to go

this torment follows me wherever I go
this pain called life ages me
I wheeze, fall down on one knee

I need to take a nap
but I’m afraid to fall asleep
that’s when I’m vulnerable

will I gasp for air
when you collapse my lung
will I feel my chest cave in

or will I know that you’re right
and know this is my time
and just say farewell in my sleep

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