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Trying to Change Fate

Janet Kuypers, 03/03/09

the way a weight on a stretched elastic cloth
can move and distort the fabric of the cloth
everything in existence
can distort space in the universe

i’ve been wrapping my head around this,
that gravity isn’t the strong one
but gravity’s a consequence
of the distortion of space and time

the larger the distortion of space and time
the bigger effect you see in gravity

so as sci-fi media talks of warp travel
all they’re really talking about
is producing the energy to warp space-time
so you instantly arrive
at the other side of the universe

because with all that energy,
the other side of the universe
comes to you

i’ve been wrapping my head around this,
using dark energy to bend time and space
and i keep wondering what i could do
if i knew when and where
to get away from where
i was, get to where i need to be

would i have learned my lesson
and not come to you
when you, the ex-gang member
strangled me

would i have come to you
in the middle of the night
called an ambulance
before your heart attack
keeping you alive

would i instantly arrive
that one fateful saturday
to go swimming
instead of waiting in traffic,
being almost killed
while stopped on the road

would I come to you
despite the hurricane
to hold you once
before you let death consume you

wait, i know us,
i was your daughter,
but i was never close enough to you
to hold you

i should know better
than to contemplate bending space-time
trying to change fate

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