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Bad Rhyming Poetry
can be Contagious


I heard there’s a place in new york
floor to ceiling windows facing the street
where people are invited to have sex on exhibit
so anyone walking by can view

it makes me think of windows in amsterdam
with prostitutes sitting & waiting to be bought
but this new york thing, sex on display
is more graphic than porn or movies today

what you do on stage, you can’t take back
and I don’t care if they feel carefree
exhibiting themselves for all to see —

“this is what I write when listening to a really bad
rhyming poet at an open mic. I guess
bad rhyming poetry can be contagious.”

but this was an interesting story
about sex on stage in new york —
but I started to hear that rhyming woman
and I think my mind turned into butter
so I started looking for rhyme
before looking for reason or meaning

an I’m still listening to bad poetry
so I just try to concentrate
on this plane in mew york —
I mean, isn’t the united states more prudish
than amsterdam?

all I can think
is that there’s a line out there
that we all know never to cross
because in the back of our minds
we know we’d rather do it than watch it
& we know there’s no any in Hell
we’d do it in public anyway

because we know better

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