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Dreams 05/03/06

I don’t know where I was,
but it was like I was out of town or something,
apparently with my sister Sandy,
but when I waled by to see what she was doing,
she was inside of a swimming pool
(which had no water in it)
and she had a roller
was apparently painting
certain tiles inside the pool.

I don’t know why she had to be doing this,
but I asked her if she wanted to hang out and watch T.V.
and she said she just had to get this work done,
so I went back to my room
to turn on television

as I flipped channels,
I saw that Gillian Anderson
and David Duchovny
were going to be in a new show togetherm
and I was sure this was some sort of
continuation of the X Files series

so I watched, and I never heard Gillian’s name said
and I heard a voice-over from David
about what was going on in the show
(you know, like sometimes they’d have Fox Mulder
form the X Files doing some sort of commentary
as the show started, to set the mood and explain things,
I guess this was the same sort of thing)

but then David came on TV,
into the same room as Gillian,
but he was a gut that worked in maintenance
and was there to take care of things
like the water or the plumbing
and he was just being cutesy wiht Gillian,
because they had never met before

Gillian was wearing some sort of long white shirt,
with fuller sleeves, and I think
she had a floor-length skirt on too
and David finally said that his name was Shaymus
and I thought that was the funniest thing
so I ran out to where Sandy was painting
the inside of some pool
to tell her that the characters of the X Files
are on a show, and that David Duchovn’y name
was Shaymus, and I thought it was funny
because it sounded so much like
his name on the X Files, Remus
(I know, I know, his name on the X Files
was “Fox,” but I was thinking
that his name on the X Files was “Remus”...)
and when I told this to Sandy,
which she was still painting,
she said that this show
is not based on the X Files,
but was set in the 1890s

which confused me, but Gillian’s
long white shirt and floor-length shirt
made more sense then
so I went back to watch,
and Gillian was apparently
just moving into her new place,
(yes, she lived alone in the 1890s)
and David, I mean this maintenance guy,
I mean Shaymus, was still there
and Gillian pulled out this large novelty glass
from a bar, it was like a large glass beer mug,
and it had a large black country boot
on the side of the glass
and Shnaymus saw this, and he said
he knew that bar, and had she ever seen
“the boot stompin’ dance” at that bar
and she said yes,
and then we was standing behind her,
and there was a counter
between them and the camera,
but they both started doing this dance
they had seen at the bar,
each of them with their left arms out to the side

and I remember thinking
that you can’t see them
doing this stupid dance
because a counter is separating
them from the camera

and then I tried to look to see
if there were any lamps or refigerators
or anything that would prove
that this wasn’t from the 1890s
...but I don’t think a girl would have
a beer glass from a bar with a logo
stamped on it from the 1890s
that’s probably when I said
it was just too confusing to understand

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