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Dreams 01/31/06

I can’t believe the way I’ve been, waking up every hour
after tossing and turning
remembering another dream

I think in the first one
(which I can’t remember details from)
I think I was at a train station
and I had to save money
but a woman was there I knew
along with a male friend of hers,
and she bought me a drink
from one of those train station kiosks
(which she didn’t have to do,
I never asked for anything),
and as I was walking with
this male friend of hers,
he stopped at another store in the train station
so he could wait for her and talk to her,
and I had to get going to my train,
so I was having to leave them

that’s all I remember of that dream

an hour later I woke up
from another dream

I was outside of my parent’s house
before it was sold, and apparently
I was still living there
and I had to be there for Sandy, I think,
because she was giving me a ride
sometime that morning.
Well, I was outside, and I saw a black cat
walking around in our yard,
and it looked exactly like Katie, my cat,
but in my dream a black cat named Katie
lived with Sheri, our neighbor.
So i was walking around our front yard
trying to pick up Katie,
and I finally got close enough to her
to pick her up,
and she wasn’t very pleased
with being picked up,
but Katie’s an old cat,
so I just grabbed her back claws
to make sure she wouldn’t scratch me.
So I went to my front door and locked it,
then went to the garage and closed the door,
walking through it outside before it closed,
because I had a key.
I hoped Sandy wouldn’t get home while I was out,
and I walked across our side yard,
then through Sheri’s back yard,
and got to her back door.
For some reason I think Sheri’s mom
answered at the back door,
even though Sheri’s mom
isn’t in good enough enough health
to check on doors,
so I asked her if this was their cat,
because I fount it walking around on our yard.
She said it wasn’t their cat,
their cat was inside,
and she told me I should just
let the cat go.
So I turned around with the cat,
which apparently wasn’t Katie,
and felt like I’d somehow be abandoning the cat
be letting it go,
even though I had apparently never seen this cat before
and I was stealing her away from what she wanted to do.

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