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If I Care To Break It Down

I’ve always thoght that
I would want a blue-eyed guy
To be my husband
And that
I would want a tall guy, too,
Taller than me,
I think six foot five was the height
I had in my head

It’s so funny when
You go though all these ideas and
You have all these notions in
Your head about how
You want things to go for you

And no, I would never have expected
That the guy for me
Would be older than me and
I never would have thought about
What he did for a living and
I would have been sure
That he would NOT have been creative

And now, as I look at us, I think,
I am a creative person with
And engineering background and
You are an engineering person
With a creative background

And I think that’s cute

And now that I think of it
You are between six foot three
And six foot four
And you have blue eyes
And you are NOT in the same line of work as me

And that is a GOOD thing

It is amazing
How many good things
There are between us
If I care to break it down

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