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This Halloween Again

“head up my”

I have no plans for the
holiday this year. No parties.
Well, none that I’m going to.
I’m dressing up for Halloween,
though, in something that
almost doesn’t look like a costume.
I want to be a Scotsman for
Halloween. Not because I’m
Scottish, I’m not. Not because I’m
male, I’m bot, In my costume,
people may not even think I’m
dressed up for Halloween. But
I’ll know.

I never did anything with you for
Halloween. Well, when it was
Halloween a year or two ago
I put on a wig and dressed up
when I picked you up from the

It’s funny how easy it is to
remember little stories like that.

You were dressed as a cartoon
character for Halloween last year.
I never got to see you in
that outfit
I always thought I
could see it another time.

I didn’t think you’d be gone
before the next Halloween rolled
I thought you’d always
be around, you always were,
you know
When I needed to talk
to you, I called. Or else you called
me instead.
It was almost like
I had a little brother there, who
was always willing to listen to
me, who was always wanting to
put up with me.

My question to you is this:
were you always willing to
put up with me? Did you think
things would end this way?

Just so you know, wherever you
are, that someone i am thinking about
you. Because I know the holidays
aren’t the same without you here

I never thought about dressing up
for Halloween, or about Scotland,
or even other countries, but you,
well, you were Scottish, through
and through, and you wanted
a kilt, and you wanted the world
to know you were Scottish.

I always thought you’d be
I thought, even when
you aggravated me, that you would
always be there for me.

Now I just have to be there for myself.

I wonder how lonely people get,
if they lose someone they were close to,
do they feel like a piece of them is
missing too? Well, I do, in part

And I figure someone has to be a
Scotsman for Halloween, even if
this year it has to be me

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