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On the Flip side

I don’t know if there’s anymore
sanity in the world. I just can’t believe
that it exists anymore. I haven’t seen
any proof
With that I’ll trust that
there is no evidence I rest my case.

I’ve been missing love. That’s my
problem, I guess. Sometimes I wish the
world would stop working, but the
people stuck on Earth would have to
deal with a planet that just didn’t
know how to work anymore

Sometimes it seems that some people
are ready to work for others. On the
flip side of the same coin, sometimes there
are some people who don’t want to
work for themselves, much less in a place
for anyone else. So how are you supposed
to make people work then whey should,
and well, before we get to part two of the
question I suppose I should say that
I’ll have no idea about how to
answer part one of the question.

Sometimes it’s hard to go through the
hard parts. That’s when I don’t
even spend any time thinking about
the easy parts.

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