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Like My Motto

It is so easy to hope for things

It is easy, I guess, when you’ve got nothing
to hope for something

because it is nice to think
that there is someone out there for you
and you will have a happy ending

I know women who think that
it would be nice if there was a nice rich guy
that would come along
and sweep them off their feet
and then for the rest of their lives
they could east bon bons
and watch movies on their television
and they could decide where their adopted child
will go for private school

I never said I thought that way
but I know that ideology exists

And at times I just get tired of fighting it
I figure that no one is listening to me and
I figure that this whole hope thing
is over, well,
Overly confusing


So I’m wondering that if
I’m getting tired of fighting it, well,
why am I even fighting any of this?
Everyone has been stepping all over me,
so why don’t I just get used to
the whole cycle

Stop fighting
Get used to it
These are the words
I have to keep telling myself
until they are like my motto

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