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Learn To Do That Too

Maybe there isn’t
much of a chance for us
but other people get to
think about these things
other people get to have hopes
other people can function that way
so maybe I can learn
maybe I can too

Yeah, maybe I think you are cute

well, you’re a cute guy, you know
and you’ve been judged on that before
I know that’s
happened to me too

and maybe you’re something
to pass the time with to me
and maybe I like
the positive attention you give me

maybe I need that, you know

I know we don’t have
a lot in common
I know that on many things
we disagree
I know that you’d find
a lot of my beliefs
well, infuriating

well, maybe you still do

maybe you’ve been able to shut all that off
and like me anyway
maybe that’s what people do
maybe I can learn to do that too

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