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Had A Point

Maybe you had a point
maybe it’s not just me that does the thinking
and maybe I have to stand up for myself

I know that there are limits
and I know what some people are capable of
and I want to think that you understand that

I know you want me to be happy
I know that

so maybe I’ll have to take your advice
I know I’m supposed to take my time
but I don’t have time
I want everything and I want it now
I know, I know, patience is not one of my virtues

and I know there are so many things I want
and I know there are so many things I need
and I want all my dreams to come true

and I’ve always been afraid to ask

I don’t know how to ask any more

There has been so much going on with me
I’ve seen friends dying
I’ve seen loved ones dead
and they’ve tried to test me too
and I fought back
and I won
and this is all I have to show for it

there was so much I wanted
I’ve had to shut myself off
over and over again

and I keep waiting for the happiness to start
I don’t know how it starts

But thanks for listening to me
and thanks for being one of the only people I know
that wants to listen
who thinks I have something to say

I need that sometimes, you know

You keep telling me
that he is a lucky man
because he gets to hold me at night
and he can talk to me
and he cam touch my hair

but he doesn’t

well, maybe that is one of my problems

Well, I don’t know
what the answers are to
this little problem of mine
and I don’t know if you can
help me on this one

well, I don’t know what the "but" is for
I guess I should just say thanks
thanks for listening, thanks
for being supportive, thanks for
letting me feel like I’m not the
only one in the universe who
has feelings, who is human

well, thank you for that

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