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(written with D.J.)

Grocery shopping. Clothes shopping. Car shopping. Casket shopping.
sometimes it sustains us, sometimes it relieves us,
sometimes it kills us.
Sometimes it gets our minds going into a mode where
we want to shop for everything, including people.
Have to get the right price. Have to get the most for your money.
Have to get a bargain. That's the American Way.
Bigger, better, faster. Baseball. Hot dogs.
Apple pie and Chevrolet.
Do your job, get your paycheck,
buy the luxuries, upstage four friends.
Buy your friends.
As an incentive, you'll get some enemies for free.

So you have your friends you bought
and the enemies you've earned
and the luxuries and paychecks
but what else does it get you
when it's all over
and you're lying in the ground
like the next person,
with the casket you bought.

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