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climbing trees.

(written with D.J.)

you see, I was a girl, I didn’t climb trees,
but I always wished for a tree house,
one with a ladder so it would be easy to get to the top.
So I could see the world from a different view.
So I could feel like I have conquered.

Big trees, more fun,
that’s what I’d think.
Then when I’d get to about the height of a roof,
our garage as a matter of fact,
then the fear would set in.
Not fear of falling from where I was,
but of going higher.
Higher, then too high.
What is too high?

One of my co-workers decided one day that he
wasn’t going to try anymore. That no one cared
if he did a good job, so he just wouldn’t bother.
And I thought, your coworkers shouldn’t be the scale
you judge yourself on. You should be your
scale, you should be trying because you need
to know you can be better than what you are.
Then I thought, maybe he never climbed trees.

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