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marilyn monroe’s sex life

some people would have
called me a slut
I prefer a vixen

Personally, I don’t think
I was doing anything wrong
I had it all
men adored me

most men would have done
the same thing I did
played the field

I wasn’t even looking for sex
just companionship

I had the fame
I had the wealth, the looks

why would I want one man
keeping me in place
what if I wanted to see
a bit more of life
through the eyes of other people

why am I resented for that

so I start seeing my ex again
and another ex
and a new guy
and another

you know, most men
would normally love to have
a no-strings attached relationship
with a woman

why couldn’t that happen with me
why is it people
become obsessed with me

am I really that famous
that perfect

I have rejected some of them
so many times they had to
pick up their ego from the floor
but they keep coming back
telling me they love me
wanting me to choose
wanting me to love them back

why do they think I want anyone

I know I brought this
upon myself
I wanted to go on this wild trip
but I didn’t want to carry any baggage

I thought I could make the men
carry it for me

and it seems that my bags are getting
and it seems that the bags under
my eyes won’t go away anymore

the bags are getting heavier
they’re so heavy

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