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plush horse stories
ice cream parlor,
candy shop, bakery, 1986-1990
work stories

four syllables

tuesday nights were regular working nights
for me, and in the winter time the ice cream
parlor never had any business. so i worked
with vince, a regular guy, like me, well, regular,
like me, not like me because he’s a guy, because
i’m a woman, you know. wait, so anyway, i’d
work with vince and john, and john was like
a marine wanna-be, a real tough guy that
obsessed over his body. not a real intellect.
harmless, funny in his machismo, i guess.
so once we were sitting around, i’m talking
to john and john’s got his back to vince,
talking to me, and i must have made some
sort of cut-down to john, and i knew he
wouldn’t understand what i said, but then he
looked at me and he said, “elaborate.” and vince
and i just burst out laughing, and i said, “ooh,
johnny learned a new word at school today,”
and vince was holding up four fingers and
mouthing, “four! four syllables!” john never
saw vince. vince and i were both so impressed,
john had a fifty cent word. we were laughing
so hard.

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